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As United Church Women—Christian women of faith—we believe in nurturing spirituality by reaching out with devotion and commitment to all of God's people; in promoting truth, justice, peace, caring, and sharing with respect for all in the community and wider world; in loving God and others by living generously and giving joyfully; and in affirming and strengthening ourselves creatively in study and witness through music, laughter, and solitude.

This year (2016–2017), Wesley-Knox United Church Women will be planning and working on our Annual Christmas Bazaar. This is held on the first Saturday in December in coordination with the Christmas in the Village event. Our Artisans and Vendors’ Market is held in March, and a Women’s Evening Retreat in April. Our Bread not Stones campaign is and ongoing initiative.

UCW members and friends can often be found working together in the kitchen where they prepare the apple pies, meat pies, Easter eggs and marmalade they sell to support the work of Wesley-Knox, the national church, and a host of outside agencies.

Normally, our regular UCW meetings are held in the Centennial Parlour. All women are invited to take part. Meeting times are:

Unit 1 - first Monday of each month, 7–9 pm
Unit 2 - first Tuesday of each month, 1–3 pm
Unit 4 - second Tuesday of each month, 7–9 pm

In addition to the information on this page, UCW also has a public Facebook page here and is also referenced on the Outreach page here, and on the Fellowship and Service page here. For other information about UCW, please contact UCW President Debra Eppel, 519.433.6499.

The Bread not Stones Initiative

Welcome to the Bread not Stones section of this Wesley-Knox UCW page. Bread not Stones is a critical campaign to raise awareness of and eliminate child poverty in Canada. Dollie—the Bread not Stones “Doll of Hope”We hope that you will leave here encouraged to help end the shame of child poverty wherever you live.

“If a child asks for bread, who among us would give that child a stone?”—from Matthew 7:9

We are women of the United Church of Canada, based in London, Ontario. In 2015, 10,000 children in our city live in poverty. We think that this is an outrage. 

Children living in poverty and their families deserve:
          •    Affordable housing
          •    Three nutritious meals each day
          •    Affordable daycare
          •    A living wage

We’d like you to meet Dollie (above), our United Church Women’s “Doll of Hope” here in London. She is our symbol—made of many mismatched scraps and an old, ragged sweater. Poverty is not colour-co-ordinated. Dollie represents every child living in poverty in our city.

WOur Sunday School Paper Doll Bannere, here in London, recently held a doll-making bee at Wesley-Knox United Church. We made 16 rag dolls soon to be presented to our politicians and other people of influence. See what was done here.

10,000 paper dolls on banners, each one representing a child living in poverty in London, will also be presented. Our Sunday School children have created the very first banner, to be displayed at the Wortley Village Gathering on the Green on Saturday, June 6.

We’re also partnering with several anti-poverty agencies in our area to bring much-needed assistance to our most vulnerable children. We’re asking governments at all levels to make child poverty a priority. Please telephone, e-mail or write your mayor, city councillors, MPP and MP and ask that children's needs become their top priority. The upcoming 2015 federal election will be a particularly important opportunity to make our voices heard.

Dollie and Close FriendsSeveral years ago, the United Church Women in Alberta initiated this campaign. They have done amazing things with rag dolls, paper dolls and bandaids. Visit their website here. Click on the tabs and take a look at everything, particularly the news page about Wesley-Knox. New! Also visit Wesley-Knox UCW’s very own Bread not Stones website, www.endchildpoverty.ca. Lots to think about...

We can’t think of a more urgent issue.

We believe that child poverty in our country can and must be eliminated. If you agree, we’d love to hear from you. How can we work together? What successes can we share? Please contact Laurel Kenney, 519.439.9300, or Linda Woods, 519.204.4332, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..—Linda Woods

Linda, Justin Trudeau and JackDuring the recent federal election campaign,Linda Woods and other UCW members have been making “Dolls of Hope” and presenting them to national political leaders and local political candidates. Recently, at the London Goodwill Industries store on Horton Street, Linda caught up with Liberal leader Justin Trudeau whom she found was very receptive to the Bread not Stones initiative. Now, to round things out, we just need a photo of the dolls with Conservative leader Stephen Harper and Green Party leader Elizabeth May. Here is a selection of photos from earlier meetings:

NDP leader Tom Mulcair     AFN Grand Chief Perry Bellegarde
Conservative candidate Susan Truppe     Liberal candidate Kate Young.

Some Important UCW Notes...

Upcoming UCW Events

This year, UCW will be hosting its annual Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, December 3.

UCW Greeting Cards

UCW continues to offer all-season greeting cards, $0.50 each. Look for the stand outside the church office. UCW is also looking for people to make cards. For information, call Mary Anne van de Vooren, 519.690.2284.

TVisit UCW on Facebook!he Wesley-Knox UCW Facebook Page!

Keep up on all the latest happenings! Visit it here!

UCW Executive 2015 Annual Report

The full report is available as a Word.doc here or as a PDF here.

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