Leadership and Governance

Our New Governance Structure

On Sunday, November 5, Wesley-Knox voted to adopt the much-discussed report that has now reformed the Governance Model of our church. Some of the highlights:

  • The previous structure of  ”Council and Official Board“ is now phased out.
  • A nine-member Leadership Council plus the Minister, has replaced the previous Board and Council structure.
  • The number of Standing Committees has been reduced from eleven to six.
  • The six Committees now play an expanded role in the “day-to-day activities” of our church.
  • The new structure took effect on February 11—date of the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Congregation—and is being given a one-year trial.

On February 11, the nine members of the new Leadership Council and the chairs of the six Standing Committees (plus Trustees and UCW reps) were affirmed. To see who they are, please click here and here. A  copy of the Wesley-Knox Working Constitution reflecting the many changes brought about by this new governance structure may be read here. Cathy Grasby, chair of our new Leadership Council, may be contacted here.